Auto Air Conditioning Repair


An absolute must in Melbourne’s harsh summer weather, your air conditioner is an essential part of your vehicle.

TAEMS offers licensed auto air conditioning repairs at our workshop in Tullamarine or at a location of your choice via one of our mobile service vehicles. We offer re-gassing, servicing, parts replacement and repair for all types of systems in all makes of cars, trucks and heavy industrial equipment including earth moving equipment and garbage trucks.

If your air-conditioner has stopped working or is under performing, there are a number of components that need to be checked to diagnose where the fault lies. During normal use, o-rings and seals can wear and hoses can become loose resulting in poor performance, leaks and potentially, very expensive damage to other parts of your air conditioning system
Auto Air Conditioning Repair System Diagram

Your car’s air conditioning system is an intricate part of your vehicle requiring specialist knowledge to keep it on tip top shape. TAEMS are Australian Refrigeration Council approved and our auto air conditioning repair experts are ready to get your car’s air conditioning working efficiently again.

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